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ER Steel Sealed Coolant Collets

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    Min. Order: 100 Piece/Pieces
    Unit Price: 2.5~10
    Productivity: 30000 piece/pieces per Month
    Packaging: plastic bags or wooden case
    Delivery Time: 30 Days
    Place Of Origin: JiNing
    Brand: Qinfeng
    Supply Ability: 30000 piece/pieces per Month
    Certificate: DIN ISO JIS ANSI
    ModelDLClamping RangeWt(kg)
    Brief introduction
    ER Sealed Collet for CNC tools DIN6499, also known as spring collet, is mounted on a drill \ milling machine, drilling and milling chuck, its function is to clamp drill cutter or knife. Er flexible collet is currently the most used. Its stable performance, high accuracy by the majority of manufacturers trust. All products are precision grinding.
    1, The material: 65Mn
    2, The model: ERS16, ERS20, ERS25, ERS32, ERS40
    3, The accuracy: 0.015mm, 0.01mm, 0.008mm
    4, The Hardness: 42-48HRC
    5, Surface: Mirror
    6, Usage: Used for drilling, boring, milling, tapping, engraving operation.
    Adapted for 6499B
    7, Standard; adapter for DIN6499
    8, take use of the difference of flute and the use of sealed ring to attain surrouding coolant and provide center as water outlet
    9, Useful to chuck cutting tools with water outlet
    10, No flexible chucking range, it depends on the biggest chucking range
    ER check cylinder clamp / Center / cold collet waterproof collet: ER16, ER20, ER25, ER32, ER40, specific parameters of the ER16 (4-10 4, 8pcs); ER20 (4-13 10pcs); ER25 (4-16 13PCS); ER32 (4-20 17pcs); ER40 (4-26 23pcs)for CNC tools DIN6499
    Products advantages:
    1. high temperature treatment, hardness uniformity.
    2. full bright appearance, good elasticity
    3. precision stability, durable and not easy
    4. Accuracy: made in 65 mn numerical control handle, have higher service life.ER Steel Sealed Coolant Collets